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Inflammation Support

Inflammation Support

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Natural Support For a Healthy Inflammatory Response

Inflammation Support by Re is part of the Re-Move product line and is specially formulated to help remove inflammation. This powerful formula is designed to help support a proper inflammatory response by affecting multiple pathways in your body, while facilitating healthy blood flow without the undesirable side-effects of pharmaceutical drugs.

Occasional inflammation is your body’s natural response to a bout of trauma.
This may be:

Physical: such as breaking a bone, straining a muscle during exercise, over-exertion, or simply experiencing a cut or scrape

Dietary: consuming foods you may be sensitive to from time to time—even if you’re not aware you have a sensitivity

Environmental: intermittent exposure to pollution, heavy metals, or xenobiotics (chemical compounds such as pesticides that are foreign to the body)

What’s Inflammation?

Remember that time you missed the nail, smacked yourself with a hammer and suddenly your thumb resembles something out of a cartoon? That swelling and weirdness is called inflammation and it’s normal when your body’s trying to heal an injury. That’s how your body protects itself, but it’s temporary while the injury heals.

But when you have long-standing inflammation from toxins or stuff you eat, like sugars or processed foods, that kind of chronic inflammation is not good.

In our society, we’re constantly exposed to unnatural things in our air, water and food that cause problems. The body deals with it like an injury and your insides get inflamed because you’re trying to heal. When that inflammation doesn’t go away because you never heal, it leads to all kinds of health problems.

This product is formulated to specifically address the inflammation problems. It’s a powerful combination of herbs, nutrients & enzymes to support a healthy inflammatory response and protect against oxidative stress.


Proprietary blend of proteolytic enzymes: Taken with food, these help support protein digestion. However, taken on an empty stomach – as is recommended with this product – these enzymes help break down damaged tissue, and thus, work to promote a healthy response to inflammation in the body.

Curcumin & Ginger: Spices and roots with long histories of efficacy in Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine, both known for helping to modulate the production of inflammatory compounds. These are traditionally considered “warming” spices when used in cooking, but with regard to modulating the inflammatory response, they are cooling.

Rutin, Rosemary & Resveratrol: Antioxidant compounds that help protect the body at a cellular level by limiting oxidative stress, which may contribute to an activated inflammatory response in the body.

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